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tournament play

demonstrates excellent one on one play

street skills

demonstrates excellent footwork

tournament play

emphasizes the use of ball handling skills

Megball is a fun and competitive way to improve your soccer skills!

Megball is a type of soccer, also known as Panna soccer, which allows players to express their creativity while improving their ball skills and defense. Megball is played inside an octagon shaped court and can be 1v1 or 2v2. The object of the game is to score the most goals in 3 minutes or to meg your opponent which results in an instant win, regardless of the score.


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fitness training

Learn how to improve things such as foot speed and reaction time. Learn More


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Keeper Training
Elite Speed / Explosion Training

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megball improves

What does Megball improve?
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    Ball Handling Skills

    Significantly increase ball handling skills.

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    Confidence with the Ball

    learn to have confidence in yourself and with the ball. Never be afraid of what you can do.

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    Ball Control in Tight Spaces

    Learn to thread the needle!

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    low pressure defence

    Defense wins championships!

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    Goal Side defense

    Staying between the ball and goal when you are defending.

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    Foot speed, reaction time, endurance and situational awareness

    All important attributes that need to be worked on all the time.

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